Tony Farrell is a young investor with a voracious appetite for high risk, high yield, publicly traded securities. He is just getting started on a track towards building wealth and eliminating debt. He owns a small local computer service bsuiness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin named aur Computer Service. Having some positive cash flow to work with in the business, his personal income has stabalized while the business has increased leverage to spur growth, and having some positive cash flow to work with on the personal side, he is now able to aggressively reduce debt and save for the future.

Tony Farrell has been trading stocks personally since September of 2008. He has been a husband since August of 2004 and has two boys, Will and Bryant, and a dog Dora. If you’d like to know more about Tony Farrell personally, you are invited to check out his public facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/computer.service

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